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PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear are designed to guard  against overspray and allow the painter to have continuous clear  vision while increasing production.  The eyewear features a plastic  lens with slits that wraps around the head and conforms to the user's  face. Trapped air within the PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear creates  an invisible air barrier in front of the eyes to resist the intrusion  of outside air and airborne particles through the slits. This lets  painters see through the slits, even as airborne paint mist is deposited  on the frame.  Click on our YouTube video links listed below to see the  NINJA™ Spray Goggles in action!  

NINJA™ Spray Goggles:

  • You see through the slits
  • Trapped air guards against overspray entering the eyewear
  • The slits provide you with continuous clear vision and enable painters to spray continously until done
  • Flexible elastic head band
  • No moving parts to manipulate
  • May be worn alone or over anti-fog safety glasses
  • Does not fog-up while in use
  • Disposable

*PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear - Patent pending in various countries.

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Problocker was established in Hawaii in July 2011 by Kendall Kikuyama.  The purpose of the company is to bring to market a proprietary new approach to OVERSPRAY EYEWEAR for use by painters, especially spray painters.  Spray painting is a process that produces paint mist from the jet of the spray gun.  Spray painting is universally used in industrial fabrication, such as automotive production; the furniture industry; and in painting ships, aircraft, building structures and machinery.  Spray painting is well used in the residential and commercial construction industry.  However, the drawback to spray painting is the out of control overspray paint mist from the spray gun.

SPRAY EYEWEAR should be worn while utilizing spray painting techniques.  The part of the body most frequently ignored or abused are the eyes.  The eyes are a sensitive and important external organ, yet workers daily ignore basic steps to protect themselves.

However, the reason why spray painters do not use safety glasses is because they are frustrating and require constant handling to work.  When safety glasses are used, it's generally quickly covered over with paint overspray that impairs visibility to a point which demands the user's attention.  A search of one blog for painters that discusses these issues reveals comments such as "I don't wear them (safety glasses) when spraying.  They're a waste of time if you ask me and not that practical," or "Back when we did a lot of commercial painting, while we were in the man lifts, we would pop the lenses out of glasses, so that no one could tell from the ground."

Kendall Kikuyama is the President of Aloha Painting Company, Inc., of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Mr. Kikuyama started Aloha Painting in 1976 and is a long-time observer of the problems of providing eye protection while spray painting.  As the owner of a commercial painting company, he is sensitive to the industry issues of health and safety, as well as the concerns of his employees.  Mr. Kikuyama has spent the last several years developing his own proprietary design of overspray eyewear specifically for the professional spray painter.

The NINJA™ Spray Goggles is designed to guard against overspray and yet, the painter can still see and continue to spray without the need to manipulate the eyewear. Click here to read what other professional painters are saying.  The eyewear consists of a plastic frame that wraps around the head in such a way as to conform to the user's face, with view slits.  The stagnantly interior space creates an invisibile air barrier in front of the painter's eyes.  The painter can see through the silt even if airborne paint mist is deposited onto the frame.  Also, the user's body heat expands the air barrier outwardly somewhat to resist the intrusion of airborne particles through the slits.  The overspray cannot accumulate on the slits to obstruct the painter's vision.  

Is Paint Good In Your Eyes?


 We don’t usually think of paint as a hazardous or poisonous chemical. However, paint does contains pigments, solvents, resins and others ingredients to give it color, texture, spreadability, durability, and curing time. Many of these ingredients are harmful to your eyes and hazardous to your health.  Almost every MSDS sheet regarding paint reads, “If you get paints or solvents in your eyes, flush with water for 15-20 minutes and then seek medical attention.”

These chemicals / toxins enter the body through absorption (skin/eye), breathing (inhalation), or swallowing (ingestion), which are commonly know as "routes of exposure".

What are some POSSIBLE Health Hazards of Paint?

  • Low level paint exposure can cause fatigue, eye irritation, dryness, corneal scaring, anemia, and headaches.
  • Higher level paint exposure can cause liver, kidney damage, and some can even cause cancer or birth defects in laboratory animals.
  • Animal studies have reported testicular damage, reduced fertility, maternal toxicity, and delayed development from exposure to glycol ethers, methoxyethanol, and other chemicals.
  • A possible effect on sperm quality and testes size in workers exposed to glycol ethers has been reported.


OSHA's guidelines include, personal protective equipment, commonly referred to as “PPE”, equipment such as safety goggles, face shields, safety glasses, or full-face respirators generally are required by the spray painter. These safety protectors are primarily designed to protect the eyes from projectiles; however, they are not user friendly in the “Paint Overspray Market.”  Painters are reluctant to use safety glasses for spray painting because it requires them to stop, put down the spray gun, and clean the paint from the eyewear so that clear vision can be retained.  Continuous clear vision is paramount to a spray painter. For this reason, most spray painters will not use eye protection that creates frustration.  The Ninja™ SPRAY GOGGLES can be worn over saftey glasses to block overspray.  

The PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear is designed to guard against overspray.  Yet, the painter can see and continue to spray without the need to maintain it.   The eyewear consists of a foam and “bubble eyes” plastic frame with viewing slits.  The stagnantly sealed interior space creates an invisible air barrier that blocks out paint overspray.  The painter can see through the slit even if airborne paint is deposited onto the frame.  Also, the user’s body heat expands the air barrier outwardly somewhat to resist the intrusion of airborne particles through the slits.  The overspray cannot accumulate on the slits to obstruct the painter’s vision.

The NINJA™ Spray Goggles are just the first version of the PROBLOCKER™ Spray Eyewear product line.  Future improvements, refinements and versions will eventually provide for a customized line of spray eyewear for the painting industries and others with similar problems.  The Ninja is so unique that it can be worn by itself or worn over safety glasses for overspray protection. Wearing the NINJA™ Spray Goggles over the safety glasses will help to preserve clear vision for the painter.

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